Friday, November 4, 2011


hello friends. it's been a while since i blogged, mostly because i'm always so busy. a minor reason why i haven't blogged is because i can't always think of what to write about. but, i feel that i might give myself a challenge and blog a little more regularly. i just started reading a book titled: "Clare of Assisi,The Lady/Early Documents." so, i will try to blog regularly on maybe a chapter at a time of this book. St. Clare has been a favorite, but even more so since i took a trip to Italy last december/january. i was able to spend a few days in Assisi and it was a great experience. the "Spirit" of Clare & Francis can truly be felt. PAX!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soul Surfer

last week, i saw the movie "Soul Surfer," (which is based on a true story) with a friend from work. this movie was so inspiring and full of faith in God! Soul Surfer is about a teenage girl who lives in Hawaii with her family and they're a family of surfers. this young lady excelled in surfing, but then a tragic shark accident happened causing her to lose an arm. however, the young woman found God's plan for her through this tragic accident. she said in the movie that she has been able to embrace the world better with one arm than she might have with two arms. i recommend this movie to all. PAX!