Monday, February 9, 2009

Come, Let us Adore HIM

this past saturday evening was the first saturday of the month and, as usual, i went to Nocturnal Adoration at Sacred Heart church. i mentioned to a friend (Fr. Charles)whose blog pages i follow that i was kind of disappointed that there was hardly any time during adoration for "quiet" time. because it's almost non-stop vocal praying for the whole hour, with only a few minutes here and there for any kind of quiet adoration. (this is because they have to get all the prayers in during the hour that used to be all night adoration.) so, needless to say, i've been contemplating giving up the monthly adoration. but, after praying about whether or not to continue with adoration, i've been inspired to continue because it is special and intimate time spent with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. and, maybe because i didn't give up on adoration, God seemed to have maybe given me more blessings or graces or something, because i truly felt a deeper sense of peace and tranqility this month than in most months in the past. i want to share the first paragraph of the monthly NAS letter: "Christ, Our King, Desires our Love - Jesus has no need of us; He is equally happy, equally rich, equally powerful with or without our love; and yet, as St. Thomas says, He loves us so, that He desires our love as much as if man was His God, and his felicity depended on that of man. This filled holy Job with astonishment: What is man that Thou shouldst magnify him? or why dost Thou set Thy heart upon him? (Job vii 17)" so, i know that staying with adoration is what Jesus desires - He loves us so much and wants to spend time with us - i realize that it would make Him sad if i didn't spend this time with Him. another reason that i didn't have the heart to stop going to adoration is because i made a committment to the group to be the left side reader and the reader of one of the readings. i felt that our committments to one another are important, too. in another part of this month's NAS letter it says that "We are made for God. We are made to love Him. Here in His presence we are accomplishing the greatest work that anyone can ever perform which is to love and adore God. We look forward to return to Our Lord when leaving our visit. We are happy and at peace."