Sunday, October 3, 2010


this past weekend, i went away to lake george, new york with one of my sister's and her family. they have a trailer up there in a campground and i sometimes will go with them at least one weekend of the summer season. i haven't been away with them for a couple of years, though, so with much resistence and not being sure that i even wanted to go away in the first place, i went (still a little reluctant about it.) why am i sharing this? well, just by being away this weekend, i have learned more about how providential our God IS! you see, i'm pretty active in several parishes and just the thought of being away from the parishes is so, so difficult because i LOVE my parishes and the ministries i serve in and i get so much peace and contentment in this way. although my sister and her family are great people and i enjoy spending time with them, they do not have Sunday Mass as a priority on their list because of "other things to do." and, because i travelled with them in their van, i had no means of transportation to get to Mass on my own because i was told by my sister that she "couldn't promise she would even drive me to a church for Mass." well, it just so happened that while we spent the day in town yesterday at the "world's largest flea market," there was St. Cecilia's Catholic church along the way as we were walking and browsing at so many useless and worldly "things." the Mass time for Saturday was 4:30 pm - perfect for me to tell my sister that i would meet up with her after Mass. it all worked out - as if the Lord had placed that church there in my path so i could go to Mass. even today, when we left lake george to come home, i was disappointed that i was going to miss the Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi at the Franciscan parish i'm involved at. but, (since my sister lives in dutchess county) i remembered that there is a Mt. Alvernia retreat house (run by Franciscans) in wappingers, new york. and so i looked it up on my cell phone, called and asked about a Transitus service and they said "yes, there would be one at 7:00 pm and that i was most welcome to attend! so, i feel that this is a lesson for us to "just let go and let God" - He truly will take care of us if we leave the cares and worries about things with Him. and, as a very wise and caring Capuchin friend shared with me - "it is good to change our routine and get away from time to time" - we might just learn something from doing so! PAX! Happy Feast Day of our Holy Father, Saint Francis of Assisi to all of my Franciscan friends and non-Franciscan friends, alike!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

parish council

today, to my surprise, i was voted to be on the parish council at one of the several parishes that i'm active at - St. Theresa's. i wasn't even aware that i was even nominated! i have mixed feelings about it because i'm not sure what to expect as a parish council member. i also feel so unworthy. i've been thinking and praying about what my role as a member of the parish council will be and after much prayer and thought, i feel that my main responsibility is to live my faith in the best way possible and just to be an instrument of our Lord by remaining open to the Holy Spirit. i look at my fellow parishioners as equals and see myself as a servant to them. i feel that maybe i'm being called to serve in this way so as to help deepen and strengthen this small community of faith. and the best way to do this is by good example and especially by trusting in God.
if anyone who is reading this post would like to share experiences of being on a parish council, please share.
~tara t~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

prayers for Fr. Bernie and prayers for the Capuchins

Fr. Bernard Smith, OFM, Cap, who was a very warm and welcoming priest passed from this life on the 1st of March, 2010. Fr. Bernie will be greatly missed. he was the kind of person who, from the very first encounter with, would make you feel as if you've been a forever friend. he had a great sense of humor and really had a way of lighting up a room with his smile and prescence. Fr. Bernie is from the Province of St. Mary Franciscan Order of the Capuchins, who are a very special and caring community of Friars. all of the Capuchin Friars have a very special charism - they truly live the Gospel life in the way that St. Francis of Assisi did by following the footsteps of Jesus. they teach and inspire you to walk closer with the Lord and they all care and are welcoming and loving and really make you feel as an equal, like a real sister or brother in the Lord. it's a beautiful thing. Fr. Bernie was one of many who lived this way - it seems that he has inspired everyone he has ever met in some way. he will be greatly missed in the Province of St. Mary and even in the secular world. as i, too, mourn the loss of Fr. Bernie and definitely feel an emptiness inside because he is gone from this world, i remember the last thing he wrote to me in a Christmas card - "please continue to pray for all of us Capuchins," which i always have done and assured him that i will always continue my prayers for them - they are great friends and brothers in the Lord! PAX!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Body of Christ

a few days ago on Ash Wednesday, i assisted as altar server and lector at the evening Mass at one of the three parishes i'm involved in. i won't mention which parish, but i need to share an experience that kind of left me sad in a way. as i was standing next to the Priest with the paten as people approached to receive the Precious Body of Christ, i noticed a young boy of about maybe 9 or 10 years old, who received Jesus in his hand, but did not immediately consume the Precious Body of Our Lord. i kept my eye on the boy and when i saw him walking away with Jesus, i had no other option than to follow him and when i got to his pew right after him, the boy was waving the host around saying "look at this everyone," with a very great irevrence, as his family laughed. i simply asked him in the gentlest way possible, to "please consume the host." and, i tried to explain to the boy the reason why, when i was rudely told by the boy's father to "mind my own business." all i could respond to that was that it certainly "is my business and that if they didn't think so, then they need to go speak with the priest." the reason this has been on my mind and leaves me with a sad feeling is because of the lack of reverence and understanding these people seemed to show for Our Lord Jesus. from being an altar server who sees the way people receive Holy Communion, i feel that from time to time, a little refresher talk given by the priests in our parishes as to how to receive, what to say when receiving, etc... would be a good idea. PEACE!

Monday, January 25, 2010

use your talent

yesterday, as i was teaching my second grade religious education class, the lesson was about CARING. and so, there was a discussion on ways we can show WE care and ways others care for US. one of my students, Elizabeth, who i've blogged about in previous posts, inspired me with her wisdom once again. Elizabeth shared that a way we can show we care is that "if we have a talent, like playing an instrument or something, we can go to a nursing home and play for the people there." i thought that was so beautiful that such a young child would think about others in that way. and, she is so right. we definitely have to use our talents and our time for the common good. PEACE!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"just have FAITH"

teaching religious education can sometimes be a challenge, but it can also be a joy and a learning experience, which is the reason i've continued in this very important ministry for many years. i've taught several different grade levels: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 6th. for the past several years, i've been teaching the second graders, which is the year we prepare them to receive two very important and special Sacraments-first Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. it is a lot of work and also very rewarding to teach this grade level. this year, God has blessed me with a very special student named Elizabeth, who i've blogged about in a previous post not too long ago. just about every week, Elizabeth says the most amazing things and last week was no exception. we were talking about some of the miracles of Jesus and also about how Jesus heals people. Elizabeth told the bible story of the woman who was hemmoraging and how this woman simply touched the cloak of Jesus and was healed. the part that Elizabeth inspired me with was when she concluded with: "all we need is just a little faith and Jesus will help us." PEACE!