Sunday, June 6, 2010

parish council

today, to my surprise, i was voted to be on the parish council at one of the several parishes that i'm active at - St. Theresa's. i wasn't even aware that i was even nominated! i have mixed feelings about it because i'm not sure what to expect as a parish council member. i also feel so unworthy. i've been thinking and praying about what my role as a member of the parish council will be and after much prayer and thought, i feel that my main responsibility is to live my faith in the best way possible and just to be an instrument of our Lord by remaining open to the Holy Spirit. i look at my fellow parishioners as equals and see myself as a servant to them. i feel that maybe i'm being called to serve in this way so as to help deepen and strengthen this small community of faith. and the best way to do this is by good example and especially by trusting in God.
if anyone who is reading this post would like to share experiences of being on a parish council, please share.
~tara t~