Wednesday, March 3, 2010

prayers for Fr. Bernie and prayers for the Capuchins

Fr. Bernard Smith, OFM, Cap, who was a very warm and welcoming priest passed from this life on the 1st of March, 2010. Fr. Bernie will be greatly missed. he was the kind of person who, from the very first encounter with, would make you feel as if you've been a forever friend. he had a great sense of humor and really had a way of lighting up a room with his smile and prescence. Fr. Bernie is from the Province of St. Mary Franciscan Order of the Capuchins, who are a very special and caring community of Friars. all of the Capuchin Friars have a very special charism - they truly live the Gospel life in the way that St. Francis of Assisi did by following the footsteps of Jesus. they teach and inspire you to walk closer with the Lord and they all care and are welcoming and loving and really make you feel as an equal, like a real sister or brother in the Lord. it's a beautiful thing. Fr. Bernie was one of many who lived this way - it seems that he has inspired everyone he has ever met in some way. he will be greatly missed in the Province of St. Mary and even in the secular world. as i, too, mourn the loss of Fr. Bernie and definitely feel an emptiness inside because he is gone from this world, i remember the last thing he wrote to me in a Christmas card - "please continue to pray for all of us Capuchins," which i always have done and assured him that i will always continue my prayers for them - they are great friends and brothers in the Lord! PAX!