Saturday, February 20, 2010

Body of Christ

a few days ago on Ash Wednesday, i assisted as altar server and lector at the evening Mass at one of the three parishes i'm involved in. i won't mention which parish, but i need to share an experience that kind of left me sad in a way. as i was standing next to the Priest with the paten as people approached to receive the Precious Body of Christ, i noticed a young boy of about maybe 9 or 10 years old, who received Jesus in his hand, but did not immediately consume the Precious Body of Our Lord. i kept my eye on the boy and when i saw him walking away with Jesus, i had no other option than to follow him and when i got to his pew right after him, the boy was waving the host around saying "look at this everyone," with a very great irevrence, as his family laughed. i simply asked him in the gentlest way possible, to "please consume the host." and, i tried to explain to the boy the reason why, when i was rudely told by the boy's father to "mind my own business." all i could respond to that was that it certainly "is my business and that if they didn't think so, then they need to go speak with the priest." the reason this has been on my mind and leaves me with a sad feeling is because of the lack of reverence and understanding these people seemed to show for Our Lord Jesus. from being an altar server who sees the way people receive Holy Communion, i feel that from time to time, a little refresher talk given by the priests in our parishes as to how to receive, what to say when receiving, etc... would be a good idea. PEACE!